...to The First Say, a Bahamian website devoted to visualizing publicly available data. Our motto is "Starting Conversations with Data" which we hope to achieve by presenting clear and unbiased representations of data. This would allow, if not encourage, citizens to be more informed about the status and direction of the country. For more information on what we do, please visit our About page.

The First Say is a work in-progress. We have started off with a couple of visualisations using data obtained from on-line sources. As will be elaborated in a subsequent post, such data are few and far between. Our goal for the future is to digitise hard-copy reports and work with government departments for electronic versions of previously published data. Currently, we plan to focus on data that have already been made public. We look forward to the passing of the Freedom of Information Bill and anticipate using it to dig deeper and find more interesting data to visualise.

The intention of this blog is to provide updates when new visualisations are available and to comment on the process of obtaining, interpreting, and publishing data. We invite you to look around, start or join a discussion, subscribe to updates, and tell a friend about The First Say. Click on Visualisations to get started.