We are a small team here at The First Say, with a total staff of one and a total budget of $0. We certainly welcome any feedback (positive and negative) that you may have, but realise that it may take a while to respond. The "we" that I keep referring to is to recognise the many people that helped get this project started and in anticipation of future growth with multiple collaborators.

If you are interesting in helping out, please let us know. We are taking this slowly now, but if interest grows, who knows where we could end up.

Below is a list of current activities to give you a taste of what is involved with a project such as this.
  • Finding data (all on-line so far, but still time consuming when you consider the current state of government websites)
  • Deciding what to visualise
  • Cleaning and organising data (most government reports are only available as pdf)
  • Conceiving and drafting visualisations
  • Creating visualisations
  • Maintaining website
  • Writing blog posts